Random thoughts whilst playing Fable 3

So I just completed Fable 3, a game where the kingdom is ultimately saved not by your strength as a fighter or your skill as a leader, but by your ability to exercise financial responsibility.


Wait, what?

See, when you are going around, doing quests and trying to raise an army to overthrow your evil brother, it's good and fun. Then you storm the castle and he goes "yeah, sure, go ahead and rule the kingdom and have to make loads of financial decisions, I'm outta here". After all that he's just like "whatever".  Typical older brother.

Speaking of which, as I was randomly running round the kingdom my older brother was half watching me play. I'm in the town orphanage picking up random items.

Me: Why is there mutton in the toy cupboard?
A: Hey, orphans gotta eat.
Me: I know, it's just so random-
*open another orphanage cupboard to find............a condom*
Me: Yeah, I'm not gonna say anything on that one.
A: Probably for the best.

Gotta love life's comedic timing.

Peace out.

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Skaters gonna skate

It's been......*phew* a while.

And simultaneously a lot and very little has happened since my last post.

I'll get the crappy job stuff out of the way first. Job is still really crappy. There, done.

The main other thing I've been up to is my skating practise. it's been going really well. When the weather was too insanely cold I skated in the old scout hall next to the school. A bit on the small side, but I can now stop when I want to and do tight little circles.
I've also found a tennis court (with no net) in the playing fields across the road from my house. As long as I avoid the holes where the net goes I should be fine.

I was also able to go to another London Rollergirls bout. It was, of course, awesome. They also put online the video of the first bout I went to. And you can even see me. Sort of. Kinda. I'm a vague purple blob at floor level visable about twice.

And in the latest vid I'm even more visable. At the end when they're doing the skate past you can see black hair and bespectacled me in my grey sleeves.

Had to miss the latest bout on saturday, which is one of the many reason job is still crappy. (I think I'm gonna have to have an embargo on mentioning my crappy job, like I have to go five entries without mentioning it and its crappyness).

Anyways, regular blogging is going to be a goal again. Expect the first line of my next entry to be a light remark about how well I am or am not keeping to that.

Peace out

Hair today, gone tomorrow

I don't have a "sad" icon or a "pissed off" icon, so I've gone for that timeless standby: zombies.

The manager at work said I can't have blue hair.


(insert string of swear words from that scene in The King's Speech here)

Every time I think things are going to be okay at that place, some crap like this happens. This isn't the bloody Ritz Hotel, we're a frakking multiplex cinema, I don't think staff need THAT high a level of appearence standards. One of the guys has two lip peircings, for goodness sake. And the blue matched the uniform. Kinda.

I'm just pissed because of all the time and effort that was put into my crazy streaky hair. And also at the fact that due to the economic situation, I can't make too much of a fight. I am easier to replace than a goldfish at that cinema.

These days having a job means you give up having any say in how you look, because anything other than the "norm" will make you unhireable. And there's nothing you can do about it, which sucks. Not gonna lie, doubling my job hunt efforts, which were already gonna be Serious Business before this went down.

So right now I'm trying to compromise by dying my hair black. Not full black mind you, black with a blue sheen. If it's an all-over colour and isn't full on blue then that might be okay. I just don't want to go full full black unless I absolutely have to.

I'll let you know how it all goes down.

Peace out.


I'm blue, dabbo dee dabbo dye

If you get what I'm trying to reference, you get a high five.

Anyways, I now have blue hair.........kinda.

Basically either the dye wasn't very good or the instructions were terrible, but it hasn't taken all over my head very well. I've ended up with an interesting streaky amalgamation of blue, brown, kinda green, kinda grey, with a few bits of gingerish blonde (from the lightening kit used a few days ago which didn't cover all my hair either). I didn't think my hair was all that long, but it wasn't properly covered after two tubes of colour.
Plan now is to get another load of blue (maybe two) and completely ignore the kit instructions and the crappy little brush it came with and pretty much just cover my head in the stuff.

But it is presentable(ish) enough that I can go to work today without (much) fear.

Also last night I had my first skating practise. I skated in the car park of where my mum does scout meetings. And it would have been fine except the whole thing was on multiple slopes. I was fine when skating under my own steam, but then gravity decided to pull my skates (and me) backwards. Cue flapping arms and me freaking out. I did fall over twice, and now that I've had that first fall I won't have to worry about it, if that makes sense. Also my wrist guard dug into my knuckle, which still really hurts, so I've also had my first injury. Talk about misadventures in skating.
But hopefully next time I'll be able to go somewhere flatter.

That's all going on in my odd little world

Peace out

Good thing one of my resolutions wasn't keeping a regular blog.

Greetings 2012.

So far: kinda sucky. All for work related reasons, except for the one about someone I know being a git.

But I'm not looking to the past......7 days? Oh lord this is gonna be a long month......I'm looking back at my favourite films from last year. All are my opinion, and some are generally based on how much I enjoyed myself watching them.

(I have posted a similar list elsewhere, so here I'm giving the bounus of my favourite performances, soundtracks and moments of the year)

And here we go:
Collapse )


I'm not going to open with a comment about how much I suck, I should think that would be implied.

But yes, the holiday season is upon us and I've been having a very lovely time.

Gifts I gave this year included going splitsies with my brothers (one of whom did not join us for Chridtmas as he spent the day with his flatmates and boyfriend) on a Kindle for Dad, a new cross the mum and for my brother A I got him his on Daredevil t-shirt as he's always threatening to steal mine.

But I got:
Disappearence of Haruhi Suzumiya DVD (from Bandit)
Season 2 of Haruhi Suzumiya DVD
Two Blue Beetle TPBs
A book about roller derby
Socks. Lots of socks
Pyjama bottoms, and a onesie pyjama suit.
Bamboo Blade volume 10
Thor DVD
X-Men First Class DVD
Captain America DVD
Florence and the Machine album

and then we had the big present. I'd noticed it and thought "I wonder if.....nah" but then I opened it, and it WAS. My own pair of derby skates!!!
They're black and pink and came with some elbow, knee and wrist guards. No helmet though because my mum wasn't sure about sizes.
All I need now is a place to practise, hopefully a park with a paved area and hopefully one that didn't include mocking 12 year olds on skateboards. I'm not ready for the derby just yet, but the more time I spend on them then the more confident I'll get. My short term goal is to get good enough to skate to Bandit's house (maybe avoiding the hilly bit by the petrol station)

But on the whole Christmas was a quiet affair. In the evening we played a board game based on logos and brands. A bit odd, but really funny to play.

Now, I promise I'll update again before we get to the new year, with my films of the year and resolutions and whatnot.

Peace out.

little kaylee

Twilight (not that one unfortunately)

So the reason I haven't been around is a simple one.

Twilight: Breaking Dawn part 1 came out.

Stephanie Meyer, my old nemesis, we meet again.

So needless to say I have been having the worst, worst, WORST shifts at work. Seriously. I should be at work right now, part of a 14 hour retail shift, but luckily I got some cover.

Midnight screening was not as bad as I thought it would be. I was expecting screaming, crazy teenage girls and a living nightmare from which there was no escape.
I did have people trying to wait in the empty screen for the midnight screening at 10:30. I asked them to leave, saying it would be a health and safety issue in the event of an evacuation (never been told this, but it probably would be).
Twi-hard: Can't we just leave our bags to save our seats?
Me: No, sorry. You need to go downstairs and wait with everyone else. Besides, not much fun to sit around in an empty screen for an hour and a half.
Twi-hard: *doubtful* I dunno.
Me: *mental facepalm*

We also had to give out a Twilight bag with every popcorn combo, which was increased by £1. This to me didn't seem fair. It meant that people who didn't want the crappy bag which smelled like a damp hobo HAD to take one and be charged for it even if they didn't want one.

Orange Wendesday (a day where you can get 2 for 1 on tickets if you have a mobile phone contract with the company Orange) was expected to be insane, but wasn't. I guess because we had showings every half hour *shudder* so that spread it out. But even on retail it wasn't bad. It was so quiet (for a Wendesday) that I actually got nervous. I was expecting the music cue to come in and the hoarde from L4D to attack.

Also, am I a bad person that I can't help but enjoy the moments when the twihards are all "oh, have you read the books? they're SO good" and I point out how badlt written they are.
Yes, I know, that's an immature "hater" approach, but dag nabbit I'm still an English graduate and need to point out the lack of literary merit in how those books are written *action pose*.

And yes, I have watched pretty much all the film due to ushering. I'm not sure if there's anything I can say about it which hasn't already been said by people far more creative in their rants than I. I will tell you about my favourite scene though. It's in the end credits and features Michael Sheen as one of the vampire kings or whatever and he is just like "I know I'm in a pile of shit film, so I'm gonna have fun with it and chew this scenery like it's my own personal buffet". It is glorious.
Overall though it's more of the same with some "WTF?" moments concerning the birth. Also hearing the name "Renesme" being said out loud is hilarious.
There were also two moments which in another film would have been pretty good. First was a little exchange where Jacob and Edward are talking from a great distance apart. It was a nice little nod to how they both have extra sharp senses as supernatural creatures and wasn't too forced or emphasised. The second was when Rosalie (one of the Cullens) was holding the baby. Now you found out previously that she had been raped and left for dead by her fiance before being turned and going on a rampage of revenge whilst wearing her wedding dress (yeah, all the Cullens have much mroe interesting backstories than Edward and Bella). The thing she only ever wanted was a family and that was taken away from her, so to see her contentedly holding a baby was sweet and, again, not emphasised.
Definately nothing to warrent a second viewing though. Or 5 viewings in 4 days as one lady was going for. I can't think of any film I would want to watch that many times in that many days in the cinema.

I also said (in a nice way, I swear) that there wasn't much for a second viewing to my Twi-hard general manager.

Hmmm, maybe that has something to do with my bad shifts.

But I survived the opening week, and will be getting a lot of money due this film and all the shifts I've been working because of it.

Next time will talk about something awesome I did recently, some videogames I've actually been managing toplay (or re-play) and some music I've been listening to.

Peace out.